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Let's keep E-Safe.

The Keeping You E-Safe Yorkshire Coast team are working hard to upgrade our services and update our advice guides. At the moment, our support groups are suspended due to the Coronavirus outbreak, and we are working on the safest way to resume them.
Keeping You E-Safe Yorkshire Coast is organised by:

Tips & advice for parents/guardians.

From age specific advice to the latest updates and advice
from our team on new issues, you can find some helpful tips
and advice here to support your children in a digital world.

The Guide on the latest Trending Apps.

Worried about the latest new app that your young person is always on? Check to see it's safety rating.

Our advice and support on Online Sexual Abuse.

Online Sexual Abuse is on the increase. Read our tips and advice and how you can get support.

Fill out our e-safety survey for a chance to win.

We're asking young people to fill out our survey on e-safety and you get a chance to win a £10 Amazon gift card.

Information & advice for important issues.

Your Yorkshire Coast support groups.

There are support groups available in your local area. Find out what's available where you are.


More information coming soon.


More information coming soon.


More information coming soon.

Please note: Keeping You E-Safe (Yorkshire Coast) has temporarily
suspended all of our face-to-face events and services. Last updated 01 November 2020.

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