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Hope your all well! Keeping You E-Safe recently made the move to it’s own website, and it’s now time to move our blog over to our new website. So whether your here for the latest advice, or finding out what we’re getting up to, the Keeping You E-Safe blog is for you.

At Keeping You E-Safe we are on a mission to not just keep North Yorkshire’s young people safe online, but to keep the whole of England safe online… big challenge we know!

Over the coming weeks, months and years you can expect to hear more of Keeping You E-Safe as we work on improving the e-safe lessons, work on getting young people talking and work on making sure that everyone has the right support, whether that be online or face-to-face.

E-Safe Support Groups are a great way to provide the environment to get support, whilst being a place to socialise. We are planning to set up our York Support Group in 3 locations around the city but we need your help. If your from outside of York across England, have a bit of free time over the week and are looking for a great opportunity to give back to the community, becoming a local organiser is the role for you! We will provide advice and the best support to get your Support Group up and running, from choosing the best venue to sending the materials and leaflets. Our Support Groups are a place for parents to go to get advice and support from leaflets and to speak to other parents/guardians about their experiences – everyone is welcome, even if they haven’t had to go through e-safety issues in the past. To register your interest in starting a group, get in touch on our Support Groups page.

It’s with thanks to people like you that we can reach more people, if you want to donate to us then please do so here. We’re still part of the York Pi Jam family, and when you donate on their donation page you can choose to send your money to our ‘Advice & Support work’.

Thank you.

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