Keeping You E-Safe… The App!

Oh… hi there!

We’ve got something exciting coming this December. It’s coming to your Apple App Store this December, and Google Play Store on January.

But why would I want an app when we have a website?

Apart from it will make you look really cool… it has some exciting benefits without having to search for our website on your messy Safari/Internet Browser.

You can get advice from our issue pages on demand. You can find your local Support Group wherever you are! And once you are at that Support Group, you can sign up to our new Track & Trace service there and then. Plus, as months roll by, there will be brand new exciting features being published.

Oh yeah… and did we mention it’s FREE!!!

We love free things, so what makes a free app any different? Plus, you get to see our Cyber Warriors on your phone screen any time you want (that’s pretty neat!).

It’s going to be worth the wait… so sit down, drink a cup of tea or two and get ready for something new coming to a phone near you.

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