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We're having to change how we do things due to Coronavirus.

Quite a few of our Support Groups are suspended across England, Scotland and Wales, but all of our advice pages are still available 24/7 online.

Advice on important issues.

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We're here to support you

From online advice pages, to in-person Support Groups around the UK, we are here to support you, no matter what!


You can contact Childline about anything. Whatever your worry, it's better out than in. They're here to support you.


If you’re worried about a child, you can always talk to NHS. Contact their helpline and speak to their trained counsellors for advice.

Things to do.

Information Poster.

Want a poster with top tips and our new characters? Well... our information poster is perfect for you! Download it below.

Colouring Sheet.

Got an urge to get colouring or sticking? Why not give our characters a make over and share it with us #ColouringCyberWarriors

Word Search.

Try our E-Safety word Search. Our team just can't finish it... we're scratching our heads! Can you solve it and put us to shame?

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