Buttercrumble’s Illustration Partnership with Keeping You E-Safe

We’re super excited to finally publish our guest blog post from our friends at Buttercrumble, the people behind our amazing Cyber Warrior characters!

Technology is here to stay and it’s here to be celebrated. We can connect on a global scale, find answers instantly and perform better at our jobs. Knowledge is power! However, with great power comes great responsibility. The internet has its dangers. It’s now imperative that we can keep young audiences safe online. This is why it was an honour to partner with York Pi Jam/Keeping You E-Safe to support them with their new e-safety campaign.

We collaborated to create an illustration which was harmonious with the current brand, communicated e-safety and aided connection with their audience. It needed to include a humanlike element that was still inclusive and likeable to all.

At Buttercrumble, building strong foundations is one of our core values! With all illustrations or designs, we begin with research. This research then formed sketches as our ideas began to flow. For this project, sketches were completed using Procreate on the iPad.

Sketches formed concepts. These concepts were then presented to help us decide on a route to develop. These included characters, inspired by the digital world. The abstract style we adopted was effective because it leaves room for the imagination. They represent no specific race or gender. They could be anyone, anywhere from any background. It’s up to the interpretation of the audience!

We transitioned from iPad to computer to continue refining the image until we had the final illustration. This illustration presents three protective characters, defending themselves against cyber attacks. The characters are engaging to reflect the social aspect of technology and convey the friendliness of York Pi Jam. Each character features one of York Pi Jam’s colours to complement the rest of their brand. The illustration feels at home! 

Collaboration was key, so we kept York Pi Jam involved at each step of the way. The team’s input was fundamental to the success of the project. It was amazing to partner with an organisation that embraces the young-at-heart vibe we love. We want to help organisations express themselves confidently with ease and this can be achieved through design. It’s good to do what feels right, wholesome and supportive for our local community.

Huge thanks to Buttercrumble for helping us with the campaign and creating our amazing Cyber Warriors. It has been a huge success and a hit with young people across England and Scotland. I’m sure there will be more Buttercrumble designs across our branding in the future.

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