Available on iOS in June. Launches on Google Play in July!
The Keeping You E-Safe app is nearly available to download on the Apple App Store, and it's free! We are looking forward to launching the app on the Google Play store in July 2021, allowing you to Keep E-Safe on whatever phone you have!

Keeping You E-Safe...
The App.

The free Keeping You E-Safe app is the easiest way to Track & Trace, search for your local support group and access information and advice online.

Download the app.

The new Keeping You E-Safe app, now available to download for free in England, Scotland and Wales, is the easiest way to access useful advice pages on important e-safety concerns.

The app has a number of new features to help you, including a Support Group locator, an easy Track & Trace system, and a trending app warning review system.

Plus, we don’t store any details apart from our usual cookies! No log in credentials, no device details… no personal information stored!

Get help downloading

Need a little extra help downloading the Keeping You E-Safe app? This guide is for you!
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What it does

Find out more about all of the different things you can do on the new Keeping You E-Safe smartphone app.
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Info for organisers

Organise one of our Support Groups? Have a quick read on how to set up the Track & Trace program here.
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Track & Trace... at ease!

As we start to resume Support Groups across England, Scotland and Wales, it’s important we do everything we can to keep safe.

We’ve created our own Track & Trace system to help the Government’s program. Instead of registering as a standard visitor of a location, by using our system we can let NHS Track & Trace know when exactly the Support Group was running.

After 3 weeks, all data will be deleted from our secure server, with no data being kept longer than needed.

Let’s prevent the spread of Coronavirus and Track & Trace.

Give feedback + improve this app.

We’re working super hard to make this app your app. By giving us your feedback, or reporting any technical problems you’ve discovered while using our new app, you’re helping make this app as amazing for everyone.

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