Keeping You E-Safe...
The App.

The app you never knew you needed! Get your latest information on important e-safety issues with the tap of an icon. Welcome to the Keeping You E-Safe mobile phone app.

Exciting things are launching this December.

Get advice.

Our app will make our advice pages even easier to access… and it automatically updates the information when changes are made, and you don’t have to do a thing on your end. No more app updates, just one great system.

Get support.

Find your local Support Groups and find relevant support phone numbers to get the best advice and support that your young person, and yourself, need. With more updates coming over 2020/2021, getting support on our website will be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Find your local Support Group.

Your local Support Group may just be around the corner… literally! With new Support Groups being launched, finding your local Support Group on our Support Group Locator is the easiest way to find your nearest location.

Track & Trace.

Attending a Support Group? You’ll be asked to aid the Government’s Track & Trace service by leaving a few contact details. These details don’t go to the NHS, unless requested, and stay on our secure server for 3 weeks. You can fill this in on the click of a button on our app, on our website, or by filling in a paper form at the groups.

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